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PostSubject: Dispell???   Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:33 am

Bakit lahat ng buffs ng RG nadidispell?

Quote :
Dispell works on guild mates and allies in PvP environment when forced with shift. Party members can also be targeted in non-PVP areas.
If skill is not mastered, target MDEF lowers the success chance.

There are certain buffs which cannot be dispelled:
Chemical Protection skills of Alchemists
Divest status of Rogue skills
Enchant Deadly Poison
Ninja Aura
Players using GTB cannot be dispelled
Power Up
Stalkers buffed with the Spirit of Rogue are immune
Soul Linkers are naturally immune
Shattering Strike
TaeKwon Kid's Mild Wind, Tumbling, and kick stances
TaeKwon Master's Heat skills
Walking Speed boost gained from items
Cart Boost
Food Items purchased from the Kafra Shop
Gunslinger's self buffs
Arch Bishop's Duple Light, Expiatio, and Lauda Agnus / Ramus stat bonuses
Royal Guard's Reflect Damage, Inspiration, Exceed Break, Vanguard Force and Banding
Sura's Rising Dragon, Gentle Touch-Energy Gain, Gentle Touch-Convert and Gentle Touch-Revitalize
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PostSubject: Re: Dispell???   Sat Dec 08, 2012 8:37 pm

On going...
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